For Sale

One of a kind Toyota Landcruiser 100 Expedition Vehicle

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USD 79,000 (with trailer)
USD 73,000 (without trailer)

In total we spent over USD 200,000 on this truck and trailer on purchase and having it modified according to our specifications.
These specifications were defined after years of travelling around the world with our Landcruiser 73-series.

Reason for selling: we’d like to go somewhat bigger.

If you are interested please send us an e-mail:

As long as this ad is online the car and trailer are available for sale.

The Toyota 100-series:

• First owner
• Currently registered and titled in Texas
• Toyota HDJ100L-GNPEZW: Year 2002
• Conversion done in 2008
• The conversion has been professionally done in Germany by Innovations campers (German quality)
• Material used for conversion: All aluminium (side walls, roof, door)
• We shipped the vehicle in 2008 to Argentina and used it almost full time for travelling
• Mileage 200.000 (ready for another 200.000 miles)
• Engine 1HDFTE 4.2 6 Cylinder Turbo Intercooler Diesel
• Full time 4WD
• Limited slip differentials
• Automatic transmission
• 2 speed transfer case (plus neutral)
• Original suspension has been professionally replaced by (comfortable) conventional suspension (less sensitive to repairs)
• Air supported suspension rear (airbags in coil spring) (pressure adjustable)
• ARB front bumper
• Safari snorkel
• Alarm system
• Leather interior
• Climate control etc.
• The car comes with a specific Landcruiser OBD-II scanner (for scanning electronic & sensor functions of the car; errors can be reset).
• 6 New tires (including 2 new spares; one on the vehicle, one on the trailer)
• All side windows have been treated with special safety foil. Breaking in by smashing the window hardly possible.
• The back seat has not been taken out during conversion; seating capacity while driving still 4 people
• Engel 40L refrigerator
• Two different sized tables for working (small) and one for eating (large)
• Kitchen with tap, sink and two burner stove
• Water tank 12 gallons (another auxiliary water tank in trailer)
• Water filtering system
• Outside shower
• 5x electrical wall outlets inside (3x on inverter; 2x on hook up)
• Seating capacity in the back (behind the back seat): 4 people
• Pop up roof
• Nanostation2; powered WiFi signal amplifier to find free WiFi routers from miles around
• Bed on second floor in pop up roof 80”x55”
• The bed can be folded away to create more space in the back
• Car can be slept in on the first floor without the pop up roof being opened (in less safe situations)
• Privacy curtain to prevent others to look inside
• Roof shutter (aluminium shutter can be replaced by glass for more light inside)
• Two (!) diesel heating systems (Webasto and Eberspaecher)
• An Eberspaecher scanning system for computerized measuring (mal)functions of the heating system
• A third adjustable heating outlet on the feet side of the bed (no cold feet)
• Double layered textile side parts of the pop up roof (very comfortable in cold/rain/heat etc)
• A third outer textile protection layer for very windy situations (like Patagonia)
• This car can be slept in in freezing cold weather
• 5 solar panels on the roof (288 Watt)
• Battery solar charging and monitoring system
• Charging of batteries by solar power either front or rear batteries by choice (switch)
• Awning
• Lightning conductor on roof
• Radio/CD/Ipod player
• Garmin GPS 276C navigation device
• 18.000 lbs electric winch (Warn)
• Electric hook up
• 3-way output battery charger
• Two sand plates on the side of the car in the unlikely case you might get stuck in loose sand
• Two batteries under the hood
• Two AGM accessory batteries in the back
• Very powerful air compressor (tires are pressurized very quickly but you can also clean the air filter with it)
• Dual diesel tank (total of 37 gallon) (another auxiliary tank in trailer)
• Lots of storage space
• Import from The Netherlands
• and more...

PS 1:
Everything in working order except for the night Illumination of speedometer and rev counter.
Currently under repair for that.

PS 2:
If you would buy this truck do not worry about the availability of spare parts.
I will provide you with an address where you can order all the parts you want.

The trailer

• First owner
• Provides extra storage (no unwanted stuff in the vehicle)
• Light weight aluminium make (diamond plate)
• Very, very rugged
• Tailor made in Australia according to our specifications by Challenge Camper Trailers
• Second water tank under the trailer (25 gallon)
• Roof top tent (to be used in case of traveling with four people) (needs repairs)
• Very rugged Australian TREG coupling
• Leaf spring suspension
• LED tail lights
• Tires on the trailer in good condition
• Rims and tires are exchangeable with the vehicle
• Axel specifically made to go together with the vehicle (same width)
• Electrically braked (magnets)
• Inside:
    > Generator (Honda) for charging the acc. batteries in case of a longer stay in cloudy situations
    > Auxiliary diesel tank tailor custom made by Drocom (45 gallon, light weight synthetic material)
    > Diesel tank can be pressurized with the air compressor in order to fuel up the vehicle
    > Inline bacteria eliminating water filter (for filtering water before taking it in)
    > Recovery gear like straps, shackles, snatch blocks etc.
    > Exhaust jack for vehicle
    > Ground anchor (for winching in situations without trees)
    > Camping chairs
    > Spare parts
    > Extra large awning which can be put up like a tent against the trailer

Beware! Once driving this vehicle you will get a lot of attention everywhere you go.

Roof fully covered with solar panels

Texas registered and titled

Roof up showing second layer of side wall on the outside

Roof up and roof tent set up on the trailer

Roof up; outside layer lately being renewed

Roof up; outside layer lately being renewed

Roof up; outside layer lately being renewed

Roof up; outside layer lately being renewed

Third outside layer for protection against severe winds

Third outside layer for protection against severe winds

Third outside layer for protection against severe winds

Conversion made by Innovation Campers (Germany)

Specific Toyota Landcruiser OBD-II scanner

Specific Toyota Landcruiser OBD-II scanner

6 new tires

Nanostation2; to find free WiFi routers from miles around

Safari snorkel

Passenger side

Seating capacity left and right


Look through with the bed folded in

Water filterering system mounted under the sink

Solar monitoring; in this case charging with 140 Watt (of max 288 Watt)

Solar monitoring; in this case charging with 10 amps (of 20 amps max)

Engel fridge/freezer (40 liter/10 gallons)

Bed being folded up formore space in the rear part

Rear view with computer working table put up

Rear view inside looking out.

Rear view; pivacy screen put up.

Rear view; pivacy screen put up.

Webasto heating air outlet

Lots of hooks on the roof ceiling for hanging clothes

Rear compartment with bed folded up

Rear compartment with bed folded up

Bed with self inflating mattresses

Bed with self inflating mattresses

Roof hatch closed

Roof hatch with glass

Roof hatch can be openend and covered with anti insect screen

Garmin 276C navigation device


Dash with Garmin GPS device

5x electric outlets; 2x directly connected to outside 110, 3x connected to inverter

More pictures to come...